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About Tuscany

Tuscany is predominantly hilly, as two thirds of the total territory of Tuscany are covered with hills. The remaing third is divided into mountains, which cover the 25% of the aerea, and plains, which are the 8% of the area.

Tuscany has a triangular shape and it shares borders with Liguria (north-west), Emilia (north), Marches (east), Umbria (east), and Latium (south).
On the west side it borders on the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian Seas.

The Tuscan Archipelago is a chain of islands which contains the Isle of Elba, which is the largest one, Pianosa, Capraia, Montecristo, Giglio, Giannutri and Gorgona. It is a protected National Park, rich of animal, plants and beautiful landscapes.

The climate in Tuscany varies from zone to zone. It is influenced by the sea on the west side and by the Appennines on the northern and eastern sides. The draughts that influence the climate of Tuscany vary from north to south as Elba Island works as a weather divide.
In general it is fairly mild in the coastal areas, but harsher and rainy in the interior.

Tuscan History
Tuscany was one of the main geo-political and strategic regions in European history, since the Etruscans until the unification of the Kingdom of Italy
Tuscany has a various nature as it is bordered by mountains and sea. Except hills, there are woods, wetlands, Macchia, plains and mounts
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