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Tuscan Recipes


One on the most known starters: toasted bread, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and basil. So much taste in a so simple plate!


A very common starter in Tuscany: crostini are made by a toated slice of bread with this sauce made of chicken livers


It's a kind of salad made with fresh vegetables served with slices of home-made steal bread, onion, basil and achovies

Bread soup

Typical tuscan dish made of vegetables, olive oil and tuscan stale bread. Extremely tasty and healty

Pappa col pomodoro

The secret for a tasty pappa col pomodoro is the freshness and naturalness of its ingredients: tomatoes, olive oil and bread. Kids and adults love this tasty simple dish


An extremely tasty soup made with fresh vegetables and served on a bed of toasted slices of bread. In the past this was a very common "poor dish"


It is considered as a first course, but in the past it was prepared as a unique course by peasants with the few food they had, so it could be different from a place to another

Chianti Wine Risotto

Chianti Wine Risotto is a fantastic mix of Italian cuisine and Italian wine. As the Chianti is one of the most important wines in Tuscany, it is commonly used to cook and flavour many dishes, such as risotto

Tagliata - sliced steak

This kind of meat is incredibly tender and delightfully rich. The best way to cook it is on the grill. The dressing is usually a lemon wedge

Drunk Pork

Drunk Pork is a way of cooking pork chops with wine. This dish is common in the whole region and it is very tasty

Fagioli al Fiasco

In the past the beans were placed in a corner of the fireplace and left cooking. Extremely tasting recipe

Tuscan Tomato Beans

Delicious white beans with a light tomato sauce. Perfect as main course or as accompaniment to braised dishes

Tuscan black Kale

Served with slices of toasted Tuscan style bread is a very common vegetable. This is a very tasty way to eat it

Fricassee Mushrooms

It's a side dish made with porcini, olive oil, garlic, eggs, meat sotck and mentuccia thyme. Very tasty

Farro soup with beans

Farro is a sort of spelt that grows in Mediterranean countries. It is very tasty and nutricious

Bomboloni Doughnuts

Bomboloni are a sort of Italian doughnuts, filled with cream, jam, or chocolate, and sprinkled with caster sugar

Panna cotta

Panna cotta is a famous italian dessert made of cream, milk and sugar. It's simple to make but very tasty


This is a wonderful italian dessert made with biscuits, coffee and chocolate. Don't miss it!

Rice Pudding

Tuscan rice pudding is not a proper pudding, it doesn't have that jelly consistency. It is more a sort of cake, but it called pudding all over Tuscany


Castagnaccio is an ancient recipe, which makes a very delicious and tasty flavour with a few genuine ingredients and even without sugar


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