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Florence Recipes

Potato Tortelli of Mugello

Tortelli are a special kind of stuffed pasta. In the area of Mugello they are made with potatoes

Florentine Stockfish

Stockfish is another typical kind of food which can be found all around Tuscany. But each area has its own different recipe

Florentine Style Tripe

Tripe is a typical Tuscan dish which is cooked in different ways, according to the local traditions

Florentine Pheasant

A recipe based on pheasant meat, with a few ingredients, easy to make and extremely tasty

Florentine Style Beef Stew

Beef stew is a common dish in Tuscany. This recipe is linked to the Florentine tradition as it contains Chianti red wine and florentine beef

Impruneta Style Peposo

The Peposo all'Imprunetina is a historical dish belonging to the Tuscan tradition. It is not excessively complicated and it takes us back to the ancient flavour of the Renaissance

Florentine Schiacciata

The Florentine schiacciata is a typical recipe of the Carnival period, which is prepared in Florence and in its surroundings


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