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Lucca Recipes

Garmugia soup

The Green Soup par excellence, the Tuscan Spring soup with a lot of vegetables from your kitchen garden to your new table

Spaghetti with Coltellacci

Wind, sea and a long tradition in the scent of this Versilian pop-chic Spaghetti, now a trend in every restaurants

Courgettes pappa

A soup or, maybe, a side dish with courgettes, nature and simplicity, to cook fast and taste slowly with oil and cubes of toasted bread

Viareggio Scarpaccia

Scarpaccia Viareggina is a typical cake in Viareggio. It is partly salted and partly sweet and usually served as a dessert

Necci pancakes

Necci are a sort of chestnut pancakes, served with ricotta and traditionally with cold-cuts as well. They are a typical product of the Garfagnana area, in the province of Lucca


Buccellato is an ancient cake, which has its origins in the Roman bread recipe. It was used as a dessert after the Mass on Sundays


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