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Thermal Baths in Tuscany

If you want deeply to relax and re-charge all your energies a Spa journey would be perfect within your Tuscan holiday.
Tuscany has many natural hot springs. In most towns there is a modern spa where hot springs water is brought into a swimming pool and you pay a daily ticket to use the pool. Some of them are outdoors and mostly open during spring and summer; others are open all year.
But there are also hot open air springs for free.

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Terme Antica Querciolaia

Address: Via Trieste, 22 - 53040 Rapolano Terme (SIENA)
Phone: +39 0577 724091 - Fax: +39 0577 725470
The spring of Antica Querciolaia is in the centre of Tuscany, in an enchanting location. It's the ideal place to revitalize your body and soul with thermal swimming pools and a splendid wellness centre

Bagni di Lucca

Address: Via Bagni Caldi - 55022 Bagni di Lucca (LUCCA)
One of the oldest spa towns in Europe. It has 25 springs of natural sulphate - bicarbonate - calcium waters

Casciana Terme

Address: Piazza Garibaldi - 56034 Casciana Terme (PISA)
The water comes from a sprig at a constant temperature of 35.7 degrees. It contains calcium, sodium bicarbinates and natural minerals. Ideal for arthrosis and rheumatisms

Montepulciano Terme

Address: Via delle Terme - 53045 Montepulciano (SIENA)
In the very heart of Tuscany, in the middle od Val di Chiana and Val d'Orcia, Montepulciano's Thermal water is mainly sulphurous: used to treat respiratory and skin diseases

San Giuliano Terme

Address: Via G. B. Niccolini - 56017 San Giuliano Terme (PISA)
These waters are rich in calcium and are particularly indicated for inhalation treatments, especially for cronic respiratory tract illnesses.

Terme di San Giovanni

Address: - 57037 San Giovanni - Portoferraio (LIVORNO)
On Elba's Island this bath is close to the sea and offers a huge number of thalassoterapic applications

Terme di Saturnia

Address: Strada Bagno di Saturnia - 58010 Saturnia - Manciano (GROSSETO)
Near the town of Saturnia there is this beautiful hot river with waterfalls at open air. Sulphureous waters. recommended for respiratory, digestive and skin diseases

Terme San Filippo

Address: Via San Filippo - 53023 San Filippo - Castiglione d'Orcia (SIENA)
Stream, waterfalls and beautiful calcareous sediments are made by these thermal waters. Recommended for respiratory apparatus diseases, osteo-neuro-joint diseases and skin diseases

Uliveto Terme

Address: Via Provinciale Vicarese - 56010 Vicopisano (PISA)
Nestled in greenery and old olive trees has a poll of 25 mx 15 m. This is an excellent drinking water: it has a unique taste with a pleasant effervescence. Helps digestion, internal balance mantaining and prevents muscles injuries

Monsummano Terme

Address: Via Grotta Giusti, 1411 - 51015 Monsummano Terme (PISTOIA)
Two famous therapeutic natural hot caves, flanked by modern spas: waters rise at 34 degrees and are indicated for arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory, gynecological and cardiovascular diseases.

Gambassi Terme

Address: Piazza G. Di Vittorio, 1 - 50050 Gambassi Terme (FLORENCE)
The spring that origins this thermal bath is known as "Acqua di Pillo" flows at 34 degrees. These waters are suggested for inhalation, drinking and mud therapy cures

Montecatini Terme

Address: Viale Verdi, 41 - 51016 Montecatini-Terme (PISTOIA)
Worldly famous is one of the biggest spa centres in all Europe. Its waters are indicated for gastro intestinal diseases and livres diseases

Terme di Venturina

Address: Via delle Terme, 36/40 - 57021 Campiglia Marittima (LIVORNO)
These baths were known till Roman times. Two main springs al 34 and 45 degrees. Indicated for respiratory, ENT, rheumatic and digestive tract diseases

Equi Terme

Address: Piazza delle Terme, 1 - 54013 Equi Terme - Fivizzano (MASSA-CARRARA)
The thermal bath is located in Lunigiana, in a splendid position. Its waters origin from the rain collected in the Apuan mountains enriched with precious minerals in their route to the surface. Ideal for drink and for skin in general.

San Carlo Terme

Address: Via dei Colli - 54100 San Carlo Terme - Massa (MASSA-CARRARA)
Placed in the National Park of Alpi Apuane this bath has a splendid panoramic position. Its waters are low mineral type and poor in soduim: ideal for drinking. Indicated in the treatment of: digestive tract and metabolic diseases.
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