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Lanfreducci Tower House

Lanfreducci Tower House

The Lanfreducci Tower House is a rectangular tower mainly built of squared verrucana stone blocks; the upper brick part was added in the 14th century, when the building was partly remodelled.

The south façade, with the exception of the top, is incorporated in the Palazzo ''Alla Giornata''. The oldest part of the tower is datable from the latter half of the 12th century, but the entire building bears evident traces of remodelling dating from both the Middle Ages and the following centuries.

In the Middle Ages the tower house and the surrounding buildings belonged to the Chapel of San Biagio alle Catene, a small religious building documented from 1030 whose remains are still visible from the courtyard of the chancellorship building.

The Lanfreducci family belonged to the ''consorteria'' (an association of aristocratic families) that controlled the Ponte Nuovo (New Bridge) and had resided in Pisa from the early 13th century. In the first half of the 15th century the Lanfreducci decided to construct a patrician residence by joining pre-existing buildings from different periods.

This happened before 1594, when the building was definitively remodelled on the initiative of Francesco Lanfreducci, who commissioned the architect Cosimo Pugliani to construct the façade of the palace. The motto of the Lanfreducci family, ''Alla Giornata'', can still be read under the portal of the palace.

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