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Paleoethnological and Paleontological Collections


The Paleoethnological and Paleontological Collections comprise artefacts made of ceramic, flint, dressed stone, obsidian, bone and metal dating from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Iron Age.

In the last three decades of the 19th century finds discovered in caves in the Apuan Alps and the Pisan Mountains formed the early nuclei of the Paleoethnological Collections of the Prehistory Division of the Department of Archaeological Sciences. The collection was gradually enriched with items obtained during other excavations and searches conducted in various parts of Italy.

Opening hours: Closed on Saturdays, Saturdays and holidays and in the month of August

Visits by request. (For information call the Department of Archaeological Sciences). Booking required.

Admission free

Ph: +39 050 911650

Web site:
Apt Pisa

Via Santa Maria 53, 56126 Pisa (PI)
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