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Prints and Drawings Collection

Mario Chiattone

The Prints and Drawings Collection is a public collection of contemporary graphics containing over 8,000 works on paper. The collection is currently closed to consultation.

In the short term it will be moved to the prestigious environment of the Palazzo Lanfranchi, where it will be part of a museum facility to be jointly managed by the Commune and University of Pisa. Established in 1958 on the initiative of Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, the Prints and Drawings Collection includes the Sebastiano Timpanaro Collection, donations by artists and a series of works on permanent deposit by the National Calcographic Institute, Rome.

Timpanaro Collection
The Sebastiano Timpanaro Collection, whose catalogue is available on the Web, was donated in 1957 by the wife and son of the illustrious scholar to the then Institute of History of Art, managed by Ragghianti. The collection consists of over a thousand items, particularly from the 19th and 20th centuries. The 195 etchings by Giovanni Fattori, some of them in several copies, and some of his drawings, are a truly outstanding heritage. Worthy of mention among the most significant names in the collection are Morandi, Bartolini, Levi, Peyron, Birolli, Carrà, Fazzini, Cantatore, Montale, Guttuso, Rosai, Viviani and Manzù.

Artists' donations
The appeal that Ragghianti addressed in 1958 to the Italian and foreign artists, asking them to contribute to the growth of the collection by donating some of their works met with generous responses. Among the artists represented in the collection are Accardi, Baj, Campigli, Capogrossi, Carrà, Casorati, Ciarrocchi, Consagra, Conti, De Witt, Farulli, Fazzini, Fontana, Greco, Manzoni, Manzù, Treccani, Vedova, Viani, Viviani. Extremely important on account of the quality and quantity of the works it contains is the collection donated in 1965 by the futurist architect Mario Chiattone, a valuable example of one of the highest productions in contemporary Italian architecture.

Perpetual Deposit of the National Calcography Institute
In 1967 the National Calcography Institute of Rome granted the Prints and Drawings Collection a considerable number of engravings on permanent deposit, most of them dating from the 19th century. Numismatic, glyptic, statuary and ancient urban planning collections come alongside numerous translation engravings in both arts and antiques (Raffaello, Michelangelo, Albani, Reni, Poussin and others). Documentary heritage The Prints and Drawings Collection boasts a rich documentation, part of which is available on the Web. It comprises materials provided by artists and art galleries, covering a period ranging from the 1950s to the 1960s. These include some 3500 small catalogues, brochures, leaflets and invitation cards relating to exhibitions held in different parts of Italy, about one hundred artistic, political and satirical posters, visiting cards, photographs, clippings and reviews from dailies and magazines, page proofs, artists'' CVs, etc. This copious documentation constitutes a database which proves particularly useful for the study of the different artistic currents and throws light on the history of the public events in which the artists took part.

The Prints and Drawings Collection also preserves precious letters documenting a lively relationship between the ''art masters'', Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti and the directors and teachers who succeeded him at the Institute of History of Art. The Department of History of Arts also owns a rich collection of photographs documenting the Timpanaro Collection and the artists' donations.

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