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Museum of Human and Pathological Anatomy

Museum of Human and Pathological Anatomy

The Museum of Human and Pathological Anatomy, established around 1870 as a collection of anatomopathological specimens used for research and educational purposes, is an integral part of the Medical School of Pisa University.

More than 1500 specimens have been collected in the course of over a century. Worthy of note are the collections of malformed newborn babies and vesical calculi dating from the last century.

The museum also preserves 20,000 autopsy records drawn up from 1884 to the present day and wax blocks relating to 500,000 biopsies. A historical library of 6000 volumes includes two valuable editions of Cruveilhier's works (1845) and original miscellanies of the works of Angiolo Maffucci (1848-1907) and Antonio Cesaris Daniel (1866-1938).

Ph: +39 050 992888/992894

Admission: free - Visits by appointment - Closed in August

Web site: Apt Pisa

Via Roma 57, 56126 Pisa (PI)
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