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Church of B.V.M. Madre delle Grazie

Chiesa B.V.M. Madre delle Grazie

The Chiesa B.V.M. Madre delle Grazie was built after the Second World War in the area known as 'Isolotto', which means the small island (it was called this way because of the wastes deposited along the River Arno). This area was chosen by the Mayor of the time, Giorgio La Pira, to build new council housings and consequently, considering the increasing number of inhabitants of the neighbourhood, a new church was planned.

The architect, Guido Morozzi, projected the church that was built between 1954 and 1958. The façade displays the stones used for its construction which confers its extreme simplicity. In the middle of the façade a monumental portal was built for its big proportions; on each side of the portal there are two lateral entrances on vestibules near two buildings similar to turrets, which were originally projected for a baptismal font and for a mortuary, but are presently turned to other uses.

On the exterior sides and back, the stone covering is interrupted by horizontal brick recurrences. On the inside the church has a Latin cross plant with a wide space in the visible stone transept; as a whole the church presents an original re-elaboration of the antique Christian basilicas. The whole interior is filled with a diffused lighting that comes from the high colourless windows placed on the sides of the transept, along the aisles and from a little central skylight. The ceiling is made of reinforced concrete, characterized by geometrical structures and covered with wood. The pavement is made of brick-work, except in the transept where stone prevails.

Where: Piazza Isolotto - Firenze

Opening hours: 8:00-12:00/15:30-19:00

Free entrance

Ph: 055-705767

Web site:

Via delle Mimose 14 (Piazza Isolotto), 50142 Florence (FI)
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