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Church of Ognissanti

Chiesa di Ognissanti

The monastery, founded in 1251 by the Ordine degli Umiliati, rationalized the organization of the hamlet located on the site (it was outside the city walls at the time), which was specialized in woolworking.

Completely rebuilt in 1627 by B. Pettirossi, the church was completely restored following the damage caused by the 1966 flood. The façade done by Matteo Nigetti in 1637 is one of the earliest examples of Florentine Baroque; it was restored in 1872. The interior is a single nave with a sumptuously decorated transept.

The niches, in the church, are decorated with two frescoes referring to water: Sarah at Jacob's pit and Moses who makes water gush from the rock, two 17th century works by Giuseppe Romei.

The central fresco, which entirely covers the wall (8.10 x 4 m), is the work of Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494), who produced with this work one of the best examples of his art, representing a serene yet dramatic episode of the Last Supper: the apostles are painted in the moment in which Jesus announces that one of them will betray him.

Following the requests of the monks who commissioned the painting, Ghirlandaio picked out a large number of apparently decorative details, which are in reality a precise symbolic reference to the drama of the Passion and Redemption of Christ, as for instance the evergreen plants, the flight of quails, the oranges, the cherries, the dove and the peacock.

By being a separate fresco, it can be compared to the style of the sinopite on the left wall.

Where: Via Borgognissanti 42 - Florence

Opening hours: 8:00-12:00/16:00-18:00

Free entrance

Web site:

Via Borgognissanti 42, 50123 Florence (FI)
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