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Church of S. Leonardo in Arcetri

Chiesa di San Leonardo in Arcetri

The Church of Saint Leonardo in Arcetri, remained there since 1782 until the Saint Pier Scheraggio Church, where it once belonged, was partially demolished and partially incorporated to the Uffizi, ceasing all religious functions.

Saint Antonino preached from this pulpit and it is said that it was previously used by Dante Alighieri to speak to the members of the Coucil of the People during the election of the priors.

The church is dedicated to the French Patron Saint of prisoners, has very antique origins: it was built in the 11th century and depended on the church of Saint Pier Scheraggio.

Its structure is similar to a classical little church on the country-side, the little bell-tower, the walls of hard sand-stone and the semi-circular tribune. The façade was restored in 1899 and in 1921. The interior, very austere and balanced, has one aisle; the large arch of the presbytery was built at the end of the 18th century. The pavement is settled with brick-work, while trusses were used for the roof.

A "Crucifix" hangs above the major altar. It belongs to an unknown Tuscan sculptor of the 19th century. On the left wall there is a famous pulpit made of marble of the 18th century.

Main art works:
The lunette of the portal was placed in 1928: it's a mosaic which represents Saint Leonardo between two angels; it was done by the Semi- Precious Stone Factory and designed by Giuseppe Castellucci (1863-1939).

Where: Via San Leonardo - Firenze

Opening hours: 8:00-12:00/16:00-18:00

Free entrance

Web site:

Via di San Leonardo 25, 50125 Florence (FI)
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