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Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio

Chiesa di Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio

The Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio was badly damaged during the second world war, and again by the 1966 flood.

It has a main entrance, which has a two-colored stone molding, dating back to late 13th century. The interior is rectangular, and originally had three aisles, which were merged into a single nave by F. Tacca between 1649 and 1655. The roof has exposed trellis-beams that are at two different elevations.

The church has now been deconsecrated, and hosts the Orchestra Regionale Toscana.

Main art works: The front half of the church has altars from the 1500s, while the back half is architecturally subdivided into two orders that open towards the presbytery, which is proceeded by an interesting marble staircase with balustrades of a kind Bernardo Buontalenti had already placed in the Santa Trinita.

Where: Ponte Vecchio-Por Santa Maria - Firenze

Open only with Concerts

Free entrance

Ph: 055/290832

Web site:

Ponte Vecchio-Por Santa Maria , 50122 Florence (FI)
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