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Mediterranean Natural History Museum

mediterranean natural history museum

The Human History Room in the Mediterranean Natural History Museum illustrates man's physical and cultural evolution, with particular reference to population of the Mediterranean area.

A fascinating and easily-understood itinerary includes casts of hominid fossils, descriptions of the biological and paleon-tographic evidence of the long journey it is thought leads from anthropomorphous African apes to modern man, and stone implements used in prehistoric times.

Visitors can examine the face of a Neanderthal man (reproduced by applying the techniques of forensic medicine to a Neanderthal skull), and admire copies of the rock paintings of the famous Lascaux caves or prehistoric statues of Venus.

Ph: +39 0586 266711

Opening hours
Weekday times: Tue-Sat. 9:00-13:00 Tue and Thr. 15:00-19:00
Sundays and holidays: Sun 15:00-19:00

For further informations:
Costa degli Etruschi

Via Roma 234, 57100 Livorno (LI)
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