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Castel Sonnino

Castel Sonnino

Castel Sonnino is situated on a headland on the sea, in the little town of Quercianella, not far away from the city of Livorno.

The construction of the castle dates back to the late 800, when Sidney Sonnino decided to go to live there. That area was occupied by a fortress dating back to 500, realised by Medici family on the remains of a previous old fortress.

Sonnino was a famous italian politician, and he was attached to his house in Livorno. He was a gruff and strict man, fascinated by the loneliness of that coast. He rests there, near the castle.

Today, the castle is a private residence, not accessible to people, except on particular occasions.

Where: Romito - Castiglioncello - Livorno

Romito, 57128 Livorno (LI)
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