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Alberto della Ragione Collection

Alberto della Ragione Collection

Inside the Alberto della Ragione Collection there are various major personalities of Italian art from first half of our century, with works of high quality level, fruit of a refined and cultured collectionist, Alberto Della Ragione. The most extensive period is from 1930-1945, when Della Ragione lived in friendly contact with many of the artist.

The "Novecento" group is present in all of its expression among with the strong pictorial synthesis of Tosi following Cézanne' s example and the heroic and stern square shapes landscapes by Sironi. An enigmatic archaism characterises Campigli's figures, which are stiff and frontal as antique divinities and pictorially quite sober, of and earthy substance which imitates mural paintings.

Among the group of "Six of Torino" are Menzio and Paulucci both fascinated by Marquet and Matisse and also Levi with his physical blazing strokes of Van Gogh inspiration.

The second period of futurism is well rapresented by Nitrito in velocità by Depero the adventurous outer-space fantasies by Fillia and five precious works by Prampolini, which are rich vivacious dynamic and surreal.

The most important roman artists are also present: Roberto Melli who builds concise, close shapes with linear in-lays the entranced sanguine quality of Scipione a modern interpreter of the dark funereal side of baroque Rome, which also present in some of Ungaretti versus, the sorrowful gloom of Mafai in Autoritratto (self portrait) of 1928, in brightly coloureds till - lifes an roman landscapes and lastly the sharp expressionism of Guttuso and the carnal passion of his colors.

In the area dedicated to Venice, we can admire the delicate colors of Semeghini's canvases which are filled with availed and candid light, the search for an almost abstract essentiality by Guidi and the contemplation of feminine form with a gaughin imprint by Santomaso. There are a few quick sketches by young Vedova who interprets the crowded compositions by Tintoretto in the 'Scuola Grande di San Rocco', which show the cultural roots of his vigorous and dramatic strokes with which he expresses the contrast between being and not-being the furious battle between light and darkness.

The museum also has a collection of exceptional sculptures: two works by Arturo Martini, the terracotta version of Pisana, which expresses the sensual warmth of a young female body at rest and the stone sculpture 'Apparizione' o 'Susanna' whixh in enchanting the bronze 'Cavallino' by Marini dated 1934, which holds all of its tension inwards in a perfect balance, and a small man's plaster head by Manzù with a very intensional expression.

The guest see the young Fontana's 'Cavalli marini' have explosive vitality quickly moulded by his clever hand , the linear incisive small bronze 'David' by Mirko Basaldella and the expressive archaism of 'Ritratto della Signora Della Ragione' by Antonietta Raphael.

Opening hours:
daily 9:00 am-4:00 pm
Sundays: 8:00 am-1:00 pm

Closed on thursday

Piazza della Signoria 5, 50122 Florence (FI)
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