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Palazzo Camaiani-Albergotti

Ph: www.arezzocitta.comThe building, situated at the crossroads of Corso Italia and via degli Albergotti (like all the major constructions on this road, it used to belong to the Albergotti family), dates back to the 14th century whereas the corner section and the remains of the base of a tower go back to the 13th.

It was greatly modified in the 16th century (the internal cortile and portico) and was restored at the beginning of the 19th century. To this restoration date back the decorations by Galileo Chini and the creation of the entrance in Via Albergotti leading to the rooms of the State Archive, whose collection of documents occupy the entire building.

On the lower side (on Corso Iltalia), there is the characteristic Torre della Bigazza, built in the 14th century, then "lopped" and subsequently put back up again in a questionable 20th century restoration.

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Corso Italia, Via degli Albergotti, 51200 Arezzo (AR)
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