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Cenacolo di Fuligno - Conservatory for poor and honest girls


The fresco of the Cenacolo di Fuligno (4.40 x 8 m) was found in 1845 and initially attributed to Raphael, although today's art critics agree that the work is to be attributed to one of the pupils of Pietro Vannucci known as Il Perugino (1445/50-1523), who painted it around 1493-96.

Critics have also suggested that the work replaces a previous fresco of the same subject painted by Neri di Bicci (1419-1491). The fresco can be considered one of the most important examples of the Umbrian culture in Florentine Renaissance.

The Refectory preserves also some frescoes by Bicci di Lorenzo (1429) removed from other parts of the convent.

Via Faenza 42 - Florence

Ph: +39 055 286982

Entrance: free donation

Opening hours:
Weekdays - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Closed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Web site:
Apt Firenze

Via Faenza 42, 50123 Florence (FI)
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