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Museum of Sacred Art - San Gimignano

Museum of Sacred Art

The Museum of Sacred Art was created in 1915 and it remained in the sacristy of the Parish until 1929 when it was moved to its present site.

It has recently been reorganized and includes works of art from convents, and the Duomo, as wellas donations by private citizens. Some objects belong to the Town Council.

The museum is divided into several rooms and has valuable objects such as wooden sculptures dating from the 14th century: the Annunciation comprising two statues, one which represents "The Angel" and the other "The Madonna", of which only the head and the shoulders still exist and "The Crucifix" where the figure of Christ is represented handless and with his feet on a wooden base; the splendid psalm books and antiphonaries (books that contain verses which precede psalms) works of Niccolò di Ser Sozzo Tegliacci and Lippo Vanni dating from the 14th century. "The Madonna of the Rose" (see picture above), part of a triptych by Bartolo di Fredi, is exhibited facing the psalm books.

In the Silverware room, extremely finely worked examples of goldsmith's art, embossed and engraved work can be admired. Only the very best craftsmanship and refined techniques can create suchremarkable works. They mostly date back to the 17th and 18th century. The exceptional craftsmanship mentioned is also represented by notable works in silk and satin with gold and silver braids.

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Piazza Pecori 1, 53037 San Gimignano (SI)
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