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Necropoli - Volterra

etruscan tombs

The Etruscan tombs of Volterra are definitely simple, they does not present pictorial decoration nor sculpture decoration, but they are very interesting from the structural point of wiev.

Most of the tombs are carved in sandstone and commonly named "Etruscan holes" because of their ground level develop.
In the Marmini di Sotto area there are two interesting Hellenistic tombs possibly belonging to the Gens Calcina. One is a circular tomb held by a central pillar the other has a square central chamber leading into four smaller chambers. Each chamber contains a low wall where the cinerary urns were placed.

Nearby the Chiesa di San Giusto lies a 5th century B.C. tomb, composed of a few chambers excavated in the ground and sustained by pilasters carved in the rock.

Other tobs lies in the Ulimeto area enclosed within the hospital complex at S.Lazzero while the Ripaie burial site has been covered over by a relatively new sports ground and the Badia burial site was engulfed by the landslip known as Le Balze.

Localita' Marmini Di Sotto, 56048 Volterra (PI)
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