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Archaeological Itinerary inside the Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi

Inside the Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi in Pistoia, during important restoration works, two Etruscan funerary stones, dating from the sixth to the fifth century B.C., were uncovered. This unexpected discovery led to a series of excavations that brought to light pottery material and traces of buildings dating from the Roman and High Medieval periods.

A walkway was set up in the excavated area, where one can see the evidence left on site as well as artifacts displayed in special cases. Thus, with the help of educational panels, the visitor can read the different layers and can follow the long walk through the history of the palazzo and of the buildings that preceded it.
1112 -  The first references to the palazzo
1163/1170 - The sacristy of San Jacopo
1181 - Emperor Federico Barbarossa stays here
1226 - First references to the Chapel of San Niccolò
1786 - The rooms inside are divided up and used for private quarters
1974/1980 - Restoration

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