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Archaeological Area of Sodo and Camucia

In the area of Cortona, in Arezzo province, three mound tombs were found. One lies at the foothills in the south of Cortona, in the area of Camucia, and two in the north-west, in the area of Sodo.

The archeological material found inside them, which is only a small part of what was originally placed there, is displayed at the Archeological Museum of Florence and at the Academy Museum in Cortona.
The contents of the tumulus tombs date back to the VII-IV centuries before Christ. The deceased  should to be among members of a royal family, tied to agricultural holdings and to the production of metalwork and weapons.

The tombs:

- Melone in Camucia
This "melon" was discovered in 1842 by a frenchman, Alessandro François, who excavated the southern tomb. The northern tombs were excavated in 1964.
The material found there is of great documentary and artistic value. One of the celebrated pieces is a plate inscribed with the justice of Paride which dates to the sixth century before Christ.
On the seventy meter perimeter wall (tamburo) there are modern constructions which unfortunately make it impossible to study its entirety.

- 1st Melon of Sodo
It was explored for the first time in 1909.
In 1912 it was donated to the Accademia Etrusca by Giulia Baldelli, widow of the member Girolamo Tommasi. Further restoration and research made this finding an inviting place for visitors who want to discover these two important monuments.

- 2nd Melon of Sodo
It was explored for the first time in 1927.
Recently a tumulus with a tamburo of more than 70 meters in diameter was borught to light. It proved to be carefully made of large, square blocks of stone of different sizes.
It is the only example in Etruria which conserves elements of its decorative sculptures, which were lost on all of the large arcaic mound tombs of the other locations. Inside the tumulus for the moment two chambers and a tomb have been found with the bit of goldwork which is now displayed in the Etruscan Academy Museum.

On the side of the tamburo, something unique was discovered: it is a terraced altar that could be accessed using six stairs, which are flanked by two ornaments. These depict a battle scene between humans and mythical animals. It is now the property of the Etruscan Academy.

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Via dell'Ipogeo, 52044 Cortona (AR)
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