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The Cassero Medievale

The 'Cassero Medievale' of Prato is a Medieval Bridgehouse and it has just reopened to the public after a great work of restoration. It has a superelevated fortified walk, accessible from Viale Piave, just in front of the Eastern Gate of the Emperor's Castle.

Dated back to the middle of the fourteenth century, in ancient times defined as "corridore", it was built on two levels, which linked the walls next to the Florentine gate with the interior of the castle through the rear gate. The construction of the Cassero was work of the Florentines and started in 1351, after the subjugation of the town of Prato, in order to allow the garrison at defense of the city to reach the castle directly from the town walls and other way round. It formed a safe and quiet path through which the Florentine troops could enter and exit the city without being seen by the people of Prato.

Between the nineteenth and twentieth century an ample section of the Bridge house was demolished to make space to Viale Piave. The restoration, finished in the year 2000, has permitted the recovery of two sections of the old structure, restoring a pedestrian walkway that starts from via Pomeria and ends along viale Piave, not far from the Castle. This space hosts frequently temporary art exhibitions.

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Cassero Medievale, viale Piave, 59100 Prato (PO)
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