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Porsenna's Labyrinth

Porsenna's Labyrinth is located in Chiusi - Siena - in the underground of the main cathedral.

It is known as Porsenna’s Labyrinth because it is traditionally identified as part of Porsenna's monumental sepulchre described by Roman scholar Pliny the Elder.

It is formed by a close network of underground passages which formed a draining system conceived by the Etruscans in the archaic period (6th century B.C.), in order to exploit the infiltration and aquifer waters. The underground passages have different sizes and levels and are connected to the outside by wells and cisterns.

Today the tunnels can be visited, from the Cathedral Museum which is the start of a path, leading to the labyrinth, that passes through a large cistern of the 1st century BC.

For further information:
Cathedral Museum
Tel.: +39 0578 226490

Piazza Carlo Bandini, già Piazza del Duomo 7, 53043 Chiusi (SI)
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