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Poggio Renzo Necropolis - Chiusi

The Poggio Renzo Necropolis lies in the territory of Chiusi, in the Province of Siena.

During the 19th century many Etruscan tombs were discovered in this area, they were built and used between the IX and the I century B.C. The sepulchres were carved in the sandstone, which allowed the degradation of the wooden materials and of the paintings inside the tombs. Anyway there are many remains and well preserved frescos which are visible.

The most important and famous tombs of the Poggio Renzo Necropolis are:
- The Tomb of the Lion
- The Pellegrina Tomb
- The Tomb of the Monkey

The most famous tomb of this Necropolis is surely the Tomb of the Monkey.
It was discovered in 1847 by Alexandre François, it is cross shaped like several other tombs of that period, like the tomba del Colle, probably in the same style of Etruscan houses, it is also tomb is carved into the Tuff stone.
The polychrome frescos of the Tomb of the Monkey (because of a monkey on a tree depicted in the entrance chamber) was probably a copy of a tomb in Tarquinia made by local artisans in Chiusi.
The tomb frescos depict women participating to the athletic competition and also a red-dressed lady watching the actions of the jugglers, dancers, athletes, boxers and chariots. 
Some findings of the Tomb of the Monkey can be found at the Etruscan National Museum in Chiusi.

- Necropolis
Same ticket as the Etruscan National Museum of Chiusi
€ 4.00 full price
€ 2.00 reduced (18-24 years old)
Free entrance under 18, over 65
- Tomb of the Monkey
€ 2.00
Free entrance: under 18, over 65

Opening times:
- Necropolis
Same times as the Etruscan National Museum of Chiusi
Every day 9 am - 8 pm
- Tomb of the Monkey
From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Summer)
From 11 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. (Winter time, only on booking)

For further information:
Chiusi Tourist Office
Tel./fax: +39 0578 227667
E-mail: prolocochiusi@bcc.tin.it

Necropoli Poggio Renzo, 53043 Chiusi (SI)
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