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The Accesa Archaeological Park

Accesa Archaeological ParkThe Accesa Archaeological Park is situated in the area of Massa Marittima, province of Grosseto.

It was created under the scientific direction of Professor Giovannangelo Camporeale of Florence University and financed by the Massa Marittima Town Council, the Mountain Community “Colline Metallifere” and the European Community with the collaboration of the Archaeological Superintendent, and it was opened to the public in June 2001.

There are naturalistic and archaeological signed footpaths and information panels for each archaeological area and for each construction, in order to guide the visitor along the extremely interesting trail. There are several equipped rest stops along the route.

The Accesa Archaeological Park is located near the Accesa lake and covers a vast area thickly forested by holm-oak, flowering ash and oak trees. Archaeological research discovered the remains of an area which was inhabited in the 6th century by the Etruscans, who exploited the nearby mineral deposits, organised in various quarters, each with its own necropolis.

The visit begins with quarter A and proceeds to quarter B, C and D (quarter E is currently being excavated), and it's worth visiting also the Archaeological Museum of Massa Marittima, where items discovered in the excavated areas are exhibited.

For further information:
Massa Marittima Archaeological Museum
Tel.: +39 0566 902289
Fax: +39 0566 901808
E-mail: info@coopcollinemetallifere.it

Accesa Lake, 58024 Massa Marittima (GR)
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