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Castello di Montefugoni - Montespertoli

MontefugoniThe Montefugoni Castel was owned since 1160 by the powerful Acciaioli family, whose most famous member was Niccolò Acciaioli. At that time, the castle was a castrum made up of seven buildings, each separated from the other and used to house craftsmen and farmers, who worked for the castle's owners, and encircled by the walls surrounding the entire complex.

Later this set of buildings became the castle, as we know it today, and it was further renovated in the 17th century. The first intervention by Ottaviano Acciaioli, who added forty rooms to the building in 1632, was followed by the most noticeable renovation, which would bring about the biggest changes to the castle's structure.

A wonderful garden was added to the villa, thus complementing its striking architecture and creating endless connections between open and closed spaces. Water games, caves encrusted with stalactites, luscious plants of different species turned the garden into a place of delight, sought after by noble families that loved to spend their time there, including the Medici family. The presence of artists, poets, and comedians, welcomed by the liberal and renowned owners of the castle, contributed to turn Montegufoni into a place of culture and refinement.

In more recent times, when the Acciaiolis no longer owned it, the castle had a different history. It was purchased by Sir George Sitwell, an extravagant member of the English aristocracy, which gave new impulse to the castle's life. Before moving in permanently, he restored the property without accepting other people's advice on how to carry out the renovation and asked Gino Severini to decorate it. The artist painted his Arlequins in the Acciaioli halls and the proposal by Sitwell's sons to let the young painter Pablo Picasso decorate the walls was turned down by the father. During the First World War, the famous "Primavera" (Allegory of Spring) by Botticelli and other masterpieces of the Uffizi museum were hidden here.

Its wonderful tower was built drawing on the architectural model of the Tower of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

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Consorzio Turistico Montespertoli
Ph. +39 0571 657579

Via Montegufoni, 8, 50025 Montagnana Val di Pesa - Montespertoli (FI)
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