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Santuario delle Vertighe - Monte San Savino

Santuario delle Vertighe - Monte San SavinoThe Sanctuary is located near exit 27 of A1 motorway of which the Virgin of Vertighe is the protectress. According to the legend Aldobrando of Alberto, a squire from Asciano, bequeathed a painting of the Virgin Queen of Heaven to his sons. The Virgin being intensely worshipped in Asciano, the sons vied for the possession of the painting. Two angels then lifted the chapel inside which the picture was kept and brought it to Vertighe, to avoid a bloodshed.

A parchment tells of the existence of a sanctuary in Vertighe as early as in 1073. Until 1288 the church remained under the jurisdiction of Arezzo, then it went to the monks of Camaldoli from Arezzo congregation. The monks made the small church a sanctuary by building the bell tower (probably from a project by Sansovino in 1520-21), the external arcade and the monastery.

Today the sanctuary is served by the Fraternità di Betania (formerly by Grey-Friars) and has the structure of a basilica with a nave and two side-aisles. The visitor can see a twelfth century painting on a wooden panel of the Virgin with the Holy Child and four stories of the Virgin by Margarito and Ristoro d’Arezzo; a fresco by Orazio Porta depicting the Assumption; two panels with Saint Savino and Saint Romualdo by Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio and a Crucifix painted by Lorenzo Monaco in 1420.

Viale Santa Maria delle Vertighe, 52048 Monte San Savino (AR)
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