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Church of San Francesco

Chiesa di san Francesco-photo: www.arezzocitta.it

Chiesa di San Francesco, situated in the square that bears its name, at the point where via Cavour widens out to form an attractive access point to the old-est nucleus of the town, goes back to the second half of the 13th century. Its current appearance, however, is the result of a 14th century Tuscan Gothic adaptation, which was clearly inspired by criteria of aesthetic simplicity derived from Franciscans.

The most recent restoration was carried out at the beginning of this century. The building is made out of stone and brick and only the base is left of the stone facade of the original design (end of the 15th century): The campanile is 16th century. The grandiose single nave interior, which is flanked, on the right, by shrines with 14th century and reinassance ornaments and, on the left, by plain ogival chapels, has been almost completely restored to its original simplicity.

However, the attention of the visitor is attracted, above all, by the fascinating scenes of the Leggend of the True Cross painted by Piero della Francesca on the walls of the central apse between 1453 and circa 1464.

Other works of note are the large Crucifix by a contemporary of Cimabue's and the funerary monuments of the jurisconsult Roselli (first half of the 15th century), in the last side chapel on the left. On the floor below, there is the lower church (one nave and two aisles), which was restored during the last few decades, and is now used as an exhibition room.

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Piazza San Francesco, 52100 Arezzo (AR)
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