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Palazzo del Governo

Palazzo del Governo-photo: www.arezzo.net

Palazzo del Governo is a large complex looking out onto the square at the top of the Poggio del Sole, at the southwest extremity of the town walls. It consists of varius buildings that follow the curve of via Fra Guittone.

Designed by the architect Giovanni Michelucci, it was completed on the eve of the second world war and is now the seat of the Prefecture and the Questura (police headquarters).

The Palazzo del Governo proper, travertin marble, has a large (22 m high) curved, typically 20th century facade. Inside it, there are about 300 rooms and a central hall with a surface area of 200 sq. m. In the square outside, there is a monument to the Resistance by Bruno Giorgi (1975).

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Piazza Pioggio del Sole 1, 52100 Arezzo (AR)
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