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Church of San Fabiano

Chiesa di San Fabiano-photo: www.wikipedia.it

The Church of San Fabiano, built by the Benedictines of the Cassinese-Cluniac rule, is mentioned for the first time in a paper of 1081, but it is surely older.

Together with the annexed Monastery it passed to the Vallombrosans around the half of the XIII century. As far as the building is concerned, some remains of building structures allow to date the primitive church back to the IX-X century, while the present façade, at the beginning rendered graceful by a mullioned window later transformed into an eye, can be dated back between the end of the XII century and the beginning of the XIII century.

The building, originally built with three aisles, was reduced to one aisle by the Franciscan Friars during the XVIII century. The elegant bell-tower, in bricks, was erected for the will of Baldo Magini at the beginning of the 16th century. The inside is in neo-romanesque style, which is a result of a restoration of the twenties of this century.

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