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Museo del Carnevale

Museo del Carnevale-photo: luccapro.sns.itThe Museo del Carnevale (Carnival Museum) is located in the new complex of the "Cittadella del Carnevale", which was designed by the architect Francesco Tomassi.

It provides visitors with the opportunity to become familiar with the history of one of the best-known carnivals throughout Europe, the Carnival of Viareggio, and with the techniques used to build giant papier-mâché floats.

The museum is divided into several sections that show the "mask-making" process: from preliminary design to the final piece created with papier-mâché (also known as cast paper). Items of excellent shape and form are made with this technique, which is also used in various fields to create furnishings, scenery for theatres and opera houses, and decorative objects.

Most of the works on display are made of clay and papier-mâché, the "manufacturing materials" used for the Carnival of Viareggio: modelled heads, figures in the round, animals, and other items testify to the skills of float-makers, who lampoon the bad habits and faults of contemporary society.
The items on display can be brought to life with levers and ropes, and visitors can see the simple and creative tools used by artisans to move puppets.

Via Santa Maria Goretti - Viareggio

Opening hours:
From 15 June to 31 August 21:00-23:30
Carnival time: Friday and Saturday 16:00-19:00

For further informations:
Ph: +39 0584 51176

Web site:
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