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Jacopo da Fivizzano Museum of Printing

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The Museum of Printing was born from an idea of Loris Jacopo Bononi in order to remember the binding between the Lunigiana and printing: the first books with type characters were printed in Fivizzano around 1470. The Museum shows all the things necessary to illustrate the subject "From medieval manuscript to the incunabulum, the type-writer machine, the computer and moreover ".

The collection is divided into three sections: the first two sections are about Fivizzano and its contributes to the written communication culture. Jacopo da Fivizzano, between 1470 and 1474, used for the first time types for printing texts by Giovenale, Virgilio, Cicerone, Sallustio and Cornazzano. It is in Fivizzano that in 1802 Agostino Fantoni created the first type-writer machine and he started to study the story of carbon paper.

The third section is dedicated to the small village of Parana, birth-place of the bookseller Maucci, who became famous in the world during the first half of XX century.

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