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Equi Terme

Address: Piazza delle Terme, 1 - 54013 Equi Terme - Fivizzano (MASSA-CARRARA)
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Equi Terme - Massa Carrara

Equi Terme is located in Lunigiana, under the province of Massa Carrara.
The town is situated close to one of the most majestic peaks of the Apuan Alps, the so called "Pizzo d'Uccello", that seems to protect the small village. Equi Terme has an ancient history - dated back Roman times - and keeps a lovely atmosphere: tourists can so combine the beneficial effects of the Apuan waters with a pleasant stay in Lunigiana and in the Cultural Park of Equi Terme.

In the thermal park there are two pools continuously streamed with thermal water:
• An oval pool - 40m x 14m, with a depth ranging from 1.20 m to 2.20 m
• A pool for children - 16m x 8.0 m with a depth ranging from 60 cm to 150 cm

The thermo-mineral spring of Equi, already known and appreciated in ancient times, is salt-sulfate-alkaline and is classified as sources minerals.
The temperature varies between 17 and 27 ° C with a mean of 24 ° C: so fall within hypothermal sources.
For centuries, rainwater has been collected in the Apuan mountains, filtered in the ground and enriched with precious minerals and returned to the surface.
So the origin of thermal water comes from the depths that the rains fail to achieve. In many cases the water can take in depths another element: the heat.

The thermal waters of Equi are a good drink and have beneficial effects on the skin, nervous system and state generally.


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