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Grosseto is a town and comune in the south west of Tuscany, it is the capital of the Province of Grosseto. The city lies 14 km from the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Maremma, at the centre of an alluvial plain, on the Ombrone river.

There are 100,000 inhabitants, of which approximately 80,000 live in the city: the others are distributed in frazioni, including Marina di Grosseto, the largest, Roselle, Principina a Mare, Montepescali, Braccagni, Istia d'Ombrone, Batignano and Alberese.

The province of Grosseto has many locations of archeological, monumental and artistic interest which make the artistic heritage of the Maremma among the most important in the country.

There are widespead traces left by the Etruscan civilization and also abundant Roman remains. The Aldobrandeschi family ruled for centuries in the Middle Ages and left behind soaring, graceful towers, castles, fortresses, bastions and villages harmonizing with the territory.
They were followed by the Medici and the Lorraine families who left works and fortifications of grandeur, almost with the intention of protecting the natural setting rather than conquering it.

The Etruscan necropoleis and the colonies founded by the Romans, such as Vetulonia, Roselle, Cosa or Sovana, are among the treasures of the Maremma.

Many notable people were born in Grosseto, such as Laura Morante, actress, Aurelio Galeppini, the inventor and creator of the Tex comics, Andrea da Grosseto, scholar of the XIII century and many more.



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