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Carrara - Duomo

The Province of Massa-Carrara is situated in the northern part of Tuscany, it is named after the two main towns in its territory: Carrara and Massa, its capital.
This province borders on Liguria and is situated in the centre of wonderful places such as the Golfo dei Poeti, the “Cinque Terre” and tuscan art cities.

The Lunigiana is the northernmost part of the province and it stretches beyond the Apuan Alps. This small plot of land – one among the richest of history and tradition – takes its name from Luni, an important centre during the Roman Age.
Following the river Magra, crossing the medieval itineraries of the Via Francigena, it is possible to find the well-preserved signs of an ancient and evolved civilization.

Massa is the capital town of the province and it is surrounded by hills of pine, ilex and woodland undergrowth, which have been progressively cut back to make room for vineyards. The Massa area also hosts a concentration of some 600 industrial and craft activities, located within the so-called Apuan Industrial Zone, with a direct employment of more than 7,000 people. Together with the twin town of Carrara, Massa is worldwide known for the extraction and production of marble.

Carrara is on the Carrione river, some 100 km west-northwest of Florence. It is worldly famous for the white or blue-grey marble quarried there.
The ancient art of stone working, which has been active in the Ligurian-Apuan civilizations since the Roman age, was focused on the sandstone, but the real thing that attracted Romans and that attracts tourist nowadays, is a white and precious stone: the marble.

Notable people were born in this province, such as Francesca Piccinini, volley player, Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi, musician, Andrea Calamech, sculptor, Benedetto Cacciatori, sculptor, Carlo Fontana, sculptor and so on.



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