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Vinci, Florence

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VinciVinci is worldwide known for being the birthplace of the master Leonardo da Vinci.
It's a small town under the province of Florence that lays in the deep Tuscan countryside, surrounded by green rolling hills that has mantained the same landscape that Leonardo gazed.

Dating back to the Early Middle Ages, Vinci is centered around the castle, popularly known as "the castle of the ship", because its elongated shape resembles the silhouette of a sailing vessel. The castle has been the seat of the Leonardo's Museum since 1953.  This truly unique museum focuses on Leonardo’s mechanical, scientific and engineering inventions.
The museum exhitibits Leonardo’s work through models constructed according to the original dimensions. Each model is shown together with precise references to the artist's sketches and annotations.
The pieces are displayed over two floors and every room give visitors a chance to view short video presentations, play interactive games or just read further information.
Inside the castle you can also find frescoed and sculptured coats of arms, remembrances of the Podestas and the splendid "Madonna and Child" terracotta by Giovanni della Robbia.

Near the Castle stands Leonardo's Library, an international and specialized documentation center for the work of Leonardo da Vinci. In the Library you can find reproductions of all of Leonardo's manuscripts and drawings.
Near the museum stands the Church of Santa Croce. It's a Romanesque church modified several times over the years still  where a local legend says Leonardo was baptized. 

Don't miss the wooden sculpture by Mario Ceroli (1987) inspired by Leonardo's famous reproduction of the Vitruvian Man. This sculpture is situated in the square behind Leonardo's Museum.



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