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Suvereto, Livorno

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Suvereto - LISuvereto is an evocative medieval village with its circuit of walls still intact, situated but a short distance from the Etruscan city of Populonia. The village, which boasts a particularly mild climate, nestles among the foothills, where the Cornia valley descends from the Colline Metallifere – the “metal-bearing hills”. From the village the eye takes in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Gulf of Follonica and, beyond, the island of Elba. Inland, roads and tracks wind amongst the hills towards Volterra and Massa Marittima.

The local landscape – rich in cork oak, olive groves and vines – mirrors a local economy rooted in agriculture, forestry and stock-rearing. Today, activities linked to craft production and tourism may be added to the list. The forests of cork oak characterise the area along with aromatic tracts of Mediterranean scrubland. The cork oak itself – in Italian sughero, and in the local dialect suvero – gave rise to the name of the village, and may be seen on its coat of arms together with a Lion passant. The saying goes that in the past this lion was rampant – as if to demonstrate the historical importance of the village.

Today the territory of Suvereto houses some 3,000 inhabitants, half of these in the village itself and the remainder spread about the countryside and in the small centres of San Lorenzo, Montioni, Forni, Prata and Belvedere. The houses in the historic centre of the village, lovingly restored in recent decades, have taken on the colour of the local stone – a living stone similar in character to the Maremmans themselves, used to living in close contact with nature but at the same time open to, and curious about, any novelty.

Today’s visitor enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of the streets, alleyways and squares that wind through the old centre of Suvereto. The streets in the centre of the village are all still paved with local stone, and really suggestive.

Yearly, during Summer (July and August) Suvereto host a series of Medieval festivals in the suggestive centre town, while during Winter (November or December) always take place the famous Sagra di Suvereto (Suvereto food festival) and the Medieval commemoration of the Charta Libertatis.



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